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How To choose a quality Kid BIke?

A high-quality Kid bike can help children spend a happy childhood, so how to choose a good kid bike? Today, the editor from the Omeiya bike will share with you a few useful tips for choosing kid bike:

1. Direct detection of key components. Such as folding mechanism, transmission chain or belt, other driving mechanism of the base, braking device, etc.

2. When buying toy bicycles, you should pay attention to the maximum height of the saddle mark. The saddle tube of the driving eye should be marked with the minimum insertion depth of the permanent mark. The minimum insertion mark 1 is located at the minimum distance from the insertion end (effective part) of the saddle tube. is 2.5 {the diameter of the saddle tube on the part.

3. The maximum speed of electric vehicles does not exceed 8 km/h. At the same time, buy a children's stroller as needed and buy the corresponding protection. Such as protective helmets.

4. When purchasing a stroller, you should also pay attention to the identification of age groups. "Buy the right product for your child's age." In fact, this principle applies to any purchase of children's toys.

5. It is best to buy pansy products in large shopping malls and buy well-managed brands. Relevant certification agencies found in the market adjustment that "all products in the small commodity market have major safety hazards, and these places are also difficult for relevant departments to supervise the market."

China Omeiya Bike Co., Ltd. has been a professional brand for more than 20 years. It has accompanied countless children in their beautiful childhood. I believe Omeiya stroller will give children a happy childhood!




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