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How To Choose The Right Bike For Your Child

Many children like to ride bicycles, and there are many businesses selling children's bicycles, so children can let their children do appropriate outdoor sports in the process of growing up, and they can also exercise by using bicycles. Children's bicycles are available in various sizes and brands. Therefore, it should be able to effectively meet the children's purchasing needs, so as to avoid the phenomenon of inappropriateness in the process of cycling and make the children happier.

Here,Oumeiya Bicycle have compiled some selected steps for your reference:

1. The riding feeling is not heavy. When purchasing, parents can pay special attention to what material the axle is made of (usually metal and plastic) and what material its ring is made of. The most common ones are steel, inflatable, and foamed plastic. Generally speaking, metal bicycles feel better to ride and are not heavy. In contrast, the turning effect of plastic parts is slightly worse than that of metal materials, and it is not light and laborious for children to ride.

2. Whether the material of plastic parts is qualified. Parents should pay attention to whether the materials used in bicycles are recycled, because the parts made of this kind of plastic are easy to break at low temperature, easy to burst at high temperature, and exposed to the sun for a long time, which not only affects the child's riding, but also affects the riding process. won't be safe.

3. Tires. The quality of the tires will also affect the child's riding. It is recommended to choose a bicycle with a clearer tire pattern and better quality, which can save the trouble of pumping the child frequently.

4. Are there any safety hazards in the protrusions? There are strict regulations on protrusions in the stroller standard to avoid scratches and abrasions to children. Special attention should be paid to the purchase. If you are not afraid of 10,000, you will be afraid of 1,000. If you buy it back, you can also choose to buy some sponge-wrapped protrusions.

How to choose the right bike for your child?

Growth, development and coordination are different at different ages. Parents should choose the most suitable bicycle for their children according to their children's growth characteristics and even their personality. The following are my arrangements for the types of bicycles suitable for children of different ages and children. Parents can refer to them.

2~3 years old: scooter

The good thing about this scooter is that it's a great way to exercise your child's balance and leg muscles. Children driving mainly rely on the children sitting in the car to gain forward momentum by stepping on the ground.

Age 3+: 14"/16" for pedaling

At this point, the child can fully control the balance and direction by himself. If you are worried that your child's balance is not strong enough, you can install auxiliary wheels on the car to prevent falls.

6~8 years old: first experience of 20-wheel transmission system

As the child grows, he or she is able to freely control the bike and ride faster. You can buy a bicycle with a shifting system for your child and start practicing shifting knowledge. The application of the shifting handle also has a positive effect on the child's psychological coordination.

8~12 years old: 24-inch multi-purpose bicycle

24-inch multi-purpose bicycles are similar to ordinary adult bicycles, and can play a good role in reducing bumps and vibrations when encountering road conditions.

Ages 12 and over: 26" or 29" bike

Vehicles with a 26-inch wheel diameter can choose from more styles and a wide price range. Parents can choose a suitable vehicle for their child after weighing the performance of the braking system and transmission system to meet the child's higher exploration needs.

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