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Oumeiya Bike: How To Position Kids Bike Brand

With the improvement of the economic level, children in the family have become the target of marketing. As a kind of children's products, children's bicycles have huge market potential. The children's bicycle industry has become a sunrise industry with investment prospects. Therefore, many companies have jumped into the children's bicycle market. , to divide the market pie. However, judging from the data analyzed by the automobile industry in Europe, America and Asia, the positioning of stroller brands is similar or less clear.

So how should a stroller brand have an accurate and clear brand positioning? Oumeiya Bike believes that brand positioning is the process of planning and enhancing the overall brand image in the target market, and creating a unique brand positioning in the minds of target customers. The target market selected for positioning cannot be too small, and a little carelessness will force the enterprise dead end. However, an overly narrow market positioning is not conducive to the effective integration of channel resources and helps oneself become bigger and stronger quickly, because it is empty talk to do nothing. Therefore, the brand positioning of children's bicycles should meet the following three "needs".

 1. Positioning needs to be led by differentiated thinking

At present, although at least thousands of companies have their own brands, their brand positioning is not very clear. The stroller brand lacks brand positioning, and there is never a single brand that can control the entire industry. The long-term homogenization of the market eventually leads to the differentiation of the best strategies for low-cost marketing of baby carriages. The "safe baby carriages" and "environmentally friendly baby carriages" proposed by Oumeiya Bike are commonplace in the eyes of consumers. Walking into a baby carriage store, you will see many baby carriages with the "safe" brand. This lack of personality cannot effectively differentiate it from competitors' value positioning, nor can it be regarded as brand positioning.

Second, the positioning needs to be divided into the market in detail

Oumeiya Bike believe that the external factor of brand positioning is market segmentation. Because of the refinement of the market, the brand has the need for accurate positioning, which also allows the brand to generate new market opportunities, so that the enterprise has the objective reasons and motivation to shape its own unique brand style and develop personalized products. Therefore, Oumeiya Bike believe that market segmentation plays a crucial role in brand positioning.

In order to do a good job in the market segment of the baby carriage industry, it is necessary to jump out of the competition to find a market. Changing thinking is the premise of doing the right thing. At present, the thinking of most stroller companies is to stare at the opponent and set the road. The Oumeiya industry generally believes that if others succeed, they are right to follow, or they think they can do better. For example, the "safety era" and "environmental protection era" of baby carriages are proposed. In fact, "safety and environmental protection" is the basic attribute that the stroller itself should have.

In order to gain a firm foothold in the market, baby strollers must be safe and environmentally friendly. This has become basic common sense. Therefore, the drawback of this idea is to make the company fall into the ranks of competitors, resulting in homogeneity, which often ends in failure, and market segmentation needs to jump out Compete to find a market.

Let's take Oumeiya baby stroller as an example to analyze. As a non-mainstream brand, Oumeiya must add more new elements to the brand positioning advantage to promote the rapid development of the brand if they want to rise in the stroller market. Creating a new category is effectively a "new element". For the main product brands in the Oumeiya Bike, the market must be re-segmented and new categories created. Combining the characteristics of Oumeiya baby carriages, simplicity, childlike interest, environmental protection, and safety, combined with the same or similar needs in the baby carriage market, the baby carriage market is divided into two parts—hardcover and non-hardcover. With the brand positioning of "hardcover" line, make children's bicycles more attractive, more tasteful and more tasteful.

3. Positioning needs to gather the centripetal force of consumers

Brand positioning is determined by the enterprise, but the brand still needs the recognition of consumers. Therefore, when positioning the stroller companies, not only should they have differentiated thinking, but also whether they can occupy the minds of consumers.

The positioning of the stroller brand requires differentiated thinking, market segmentation, and occupation of consumers' minds. The three complement each other. Accurate and clear baby carriage brand positioning plays a vital role in brand building.

Oumeiya Bike is a leader in design innovation, a leader in fashion trends and a setter of industry standards. It customizes various products and is committed to becoming a brand with the best user experience.



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